JLV Design Ltd

French Modern with an English twist


Josephine understands how challenging home styling can be: whether you’re decorating a new home, starting a room makeover or buying new furniture, converting your vision into reality can be tricky. She believes that you should love the place where you live, and we will help you meet that goal by tailoring a space that distinctly reflects your lifestyle.


After an initial consultation, Josephine will further assess your needs through a questionnaire designed to extract your preferences, interests and style. This will provide a starting point for creating a personalised design plan. Whether you have small children or are a busy corporate executive, every aspect of the your lifestyle is considered when creating a sophisticated and functional space.


I'm a designer with over 15 years experience, who's always been in love with interior design. I think this comes from my childhood: my father used to be an antique dealer and I've always lived in amazing houses packed with character and filled with great pieces.
So with an eye on the past and a true passion for design, I like creating simple, elegant and functional interiors to suit each and everyone.